Workshop #1: October 4, 2020


Beauty and Benefit of Old School Opulence

(2 hours)


Turbans and tassels are much more than costume choices.

Just as form follows function, the choli, tassel belt, turban and other costuming elements that created the unique look of old school ATS®/FatChance® style opulence also influenced our movements, technique, choice of music and much more.


This workshop takes you back in time to understand the technique benefits that each piece of original costuming brings to vintage, classic and modern ATS®/FatChance® style movements, with an emphasis on the classic choli, heavy hip belt and turban.

We also breakdown and drill how costuming elements influence leading, following and chorus.


Come along on a journey to help up-level your technique and increase your ATS®/FatChance® style history.



Workshop #2: December 20, 2020


Evolution of Music and Movements for FatChance® Style

(2 hours)


What songs and rhythms contributed to the birth of ATS and FatChanceBellyDance®? What are the roots of Flamenco influence in FatChance® style?

Which steps have evolved, and what vintage favorites that have been lost?


Join former FatChanceBellyDance® member, Kathy Stahlman,

as she shares music and movement history from the first decade of FatChanceBellyDance®.


The first part of the workshop introduces you to the music that became the signature sound of FatChanceBellyDance®, including songs Carolena says are the “only songs you’ll ever need”, and some of her favorite modern songs that evoke the feeling of vintage FatChance®.


The second half of the workshop focuses on the evolution of steps and formations, some of which were developed during Kathy’s time in the dance company.

We’ll learn, drill and Dance in the Flow®, vintage style!


Target Audience: Intermediate and up. (Knowledge of ATS® Basics slow and fast steps is required)



Workshop #3: March 7, 2021


Vintage Swords, FatChance® Style (1.5 hours)


Swords are dramatic, exciting and powerful.

Using sword in performance creates an extra element of mystery and suspense. The last few years has seen an evolution of sword dialects that have become essential to FatChance® style sword dance.


But the sword has been a beloved prop since the early days of FatChanceBellyDance®.

In vintage FatChance® style, swords were used as a balance prop, challenging our technique and strength as we shimmied and spun to fast music.

This workshop takes you back in time, to the vintage years of FatChance® where we drill vintage sword technique, including Carolena’s favorite improvised sword choreography performed by Carolena and Kathy Stahlman.



04.Oktober 20

20.Dezember 20

07.März 21

19.00-21.00 Uhr 

via Zoom



1 Workshop 30€

2 Workshops 50€ (Early Bird bis 20.09.20 45€)

Full Package  70€ (Early Bird bis 20.09.20 60€)


Unterrichtssprache ist Englisch!


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About Kathy Stahlman


Teaching FatChance® style/ATS® belly dance worldwide since 2002 Kathy is a FatChance® Partner Studio, SSCE and was an early member of FatChanceBellyDance®.


Joining FatChance® when the troupe and dance form were only 7 years old, Kathy brings a unique historical perspective to ATS®/ FatChance® style and to the history of the dance company.



During her tenure with FatChance® Kathy was involved in the making of 4 DVDs: two instructional DVDs, the original Tribal Basics Vol.4: Advanced Workshop (now released as Vol.4: Embellishments & Variations) and Vol 5: Cues & Transitions; she is included in the DVD The 20 Year Retrospective, Director’s Cut; and Kathy also participated in the creation of FatChance’s first theater show and performance video titled The Gypsy Trail, Antiquity & the Avant Garde.


Recognized as the longest continuous student of FatChance® style, Kathy is a beloved teacher and mentor and has been interviewed in several dance publications including featured on the cover of Zagahreet Magazine, Sept 2013